Terrace Overlooking the River Po

To make liveable an enormous solar roof with views of the Po River and Torino Hill. A project taking on areas a step at a time, as requested by the client, always respecting the harmony and coherence of the project’s guiding principal.

The client’s idea was to create a themed roof garden and our creative impulse was immediately ignited to develop a design with four distinct zones: Mediterranean plants, aquatic plants, extended Japanese and dry gardens.


REQUEST: To make liveable a terrace with a 360° view over Turin towards the River Po and Torinese hills. Our job: to create a private space guaranteeing the client’s privacy, but without losing the breathtaking panorama.

WHAT WE DID: assessing technical elements, feasibility and the building’s structural restrictions, we found a brief that satisfied the client. Planting vegetation along the perimeter of the terrace to serve as a barrier and guarantee the privacy requested by the client, and creating shady relaxation areas to be enjoyed even on the hottest days of the year.

In the design phase we encountered technical obstacles due to the load limitations that the building’s roof was able to take, so we revised the plan and with the client arrived at a solution that sastisfied the project’s technical, aesthetic and functional requirements.

To shield the cosy area, the choice was for a higher barrier of plants such as bamboo, while in other zones where the aim was to leave the view free, we planted Photinia hedges. Along the path between the relaxation area, eating area and pergola, we formed themed zones with “Mediterranean” species and spaces dedicated to aquatic plants.
To enrich the project, focal points were also distributed along the terrace, represented by an olive tree, topiary cypresses and a magnificent Japanese maple, Acer palmatum ‘Sango-kaku’.
Finally, we highlighted the areas adjacent to the terrace entrance with flower boxes, thanks to which we could include a Virginia Creeper whose red leaves in autumn brings a wonderful play of colours with the perforated panel.

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