Terraces and roof gardens

We are in the business of creating small green spaces, cozy refuges away from prying eyes that make you dream and fill your soul.

If you’re here, it’s because you have a problem like this: you live in a big city, you have an apartment nestled among glittering buildings and a small balcony that you wish you could make better use of. You dream of creating an elegant setting that is perfect for inviting people over, but you know that space is what it is.

Quiet. We know that organizing everything to perfection in small rooms is difficult, which is why we take care of the creation of terraces and roof gardens, so you can experience the terrace as an extension of the house in which to dream. A beautiful and functional place to spend your free time and enjoy the privacy you deserve. Even if you live in the city.

Designing terraces and roof gardens is the most compelling challenge for us: we work to exploit every space to the millimeter, we study ad hoc solutions to make nature and furnishings coexist in the best possible way, and we choose the most suitable plants to beautify the environment and make them grow luxuriantly.
Thanks to our service, you will no longer think of the terrace as a place to hang clothes or put geraniums: together we will transform it into a secret garden nestled between the roofs of houses.

Turn beauty into reality

Whether it’s a garden to plan, a balcony to organize, a home to renovate or improve, you’re in the right place. Tell us about your project-we will be happy to help you turn it into reality.


Care, attention and professionalism-this is what you will find in each of our services.
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