Terrace C

The challenge was to add a special touch to a terrace already furnished with taste and elegance. We took advantage of the request to light the terrace by creating pleasing, practical and scenic surroundings.

Setting out from the existing decor, we planned a redistrubution of space and put forward a solution for the lighting so as to make the terrace more spacious and user-friendly.

Using aesthetically pleasing external cables, we lit up the eating area with an intense and concentrated light; with the same cables, we took softer light points to the sofa/relaxation area. The cables and spotlights are framed in a very unusual panel with a geometric design in openwork steel, in which the climbing plants could grow and develop. To complete the composition, we included green plant panels to bring a touch of green to the wall, very low maintenance as per the client’s request.

The project

REQUEST: The client’s main requirement was to light up the roof terrace for evening use with family and friends in summer. Added to which, we were to enrich the space with green elements and possibly make additions to the furniture.
The existing furniture, which would be kept, was the main constraint to planning.

WHAT WE DID: We found a lighting solution that was attractive, functional and technically workable at the same time, given that making marks on the façade was not possible, or at least not recommended, due to the building’s outer cladding Respecting restraints in structure and façade, we managed to satisfy all the client’s requests, transforming the terrace into a pleasant and practical space suited to the client’s personal needs.

The plant species used were bouganvillea and cymbidium, besides maintaining an existing hydrangea, to which the client was particularly attached. The plants were put in designer cachepots that having pots inside are easy to maintain and less heavy on the roof terrace.
When presenting our ideas, besides 2d design, we created a rendering of spaces to give a preview of the final result.

After our intervention the terrace had gained aesthetic and functional value, because besides being a space for relaxation, it could also be used for openair meals during the summer months, taking advantage of the new lighting system in the evening.