One Garden, So Many Possiblities

It often happens that clients have different ideas about the project in hand. Our job is to bind together the ideas of both while considering any technical restrictions and the feasibility of each idea. It is always possible to find a solution that satisfies technical limitations and aesthetic aspects, as well as clients’ desires. This garden is an example.

Two ideas that flowed parallel with no point of convergence to allow us to chose the best option; at this point we intervened. Assessing the technical aspects, feasibility and restrictions of both projects, we reached a synthesis that satisfied both clients.

The projects

REQUEST: On the one hand the desire for a private swimming pool, on the other the wish for open space and as much green as possible for the enjoyment of the Chihuahuas, the clients’ dear companions. In both cases the wish to enjoy the garden with friends, whether near water or not, but a good barbecue was a must.

WHAT WE DID: As can be seen we put forward various proposals to evaluate with the clients. A bio-pool, an out-door shower, or simply enriching the space with green, always taking into account conviviality and comfort to make the most of the garden. In the end, gauging the pros and cons, it was the Chihuahuas who won the day.

In the images you can see how many possibilities a garden gives us. We thought of a bio-pool, but there were so many restrictions and the clients didn’t want to take on further bureaucracy, given that they had only just come to the end of lengthy interior renovations. It was already spring and the aim was to have the garden ready for summer.

As an alternative we suggested an out-door designer shower, which besides being refreshing on hot summer days, would be a focal point of the garden, because it wasn’t designed just to be a shower, but as an actual waterfall and backdrop to the olive tree at the end of the garden. However, in the end water was not an essential for the clients.

At last we hit upon the solution, which we then carried out. To embellish the garden by introducing as much green as possible, leaving the lawn free for the two Chihuahuas, the couple’s long-term companions. Once the lawn was free there was room to organise meals around the barbecue with friends and relations.

We worked on the inconspicuous backdrop, improving it by giving it the same geometry as the railings at the house. In this way there was a dialogue between the garden and the architecture and a wall that should have been hidden became the canvas on which to paint our art with roses, bamboo and a wonderful olive tree, making it the focal point of the garden.

What is more we enriched nearby areas with plants such as Acer Plamatum alongside Festuca Glauca on one side and Japanese holly with planters so as to introduce a play on contrasts.

Turn beauty into reality

Whether it’s a garden to plan, a balcony to organize, a home to renovate or improve, you’re in the right place. Tell us about your project-we will be happy to help you turn it into reality.