Home of the Heart

As designers we have a responsibility to our clients that is not only technical, but also emotional. So often we are entrusted with dreams of a lifetime. We must bring about the client’s wishes, considering aesthetic, technical and ecnonomic elements. In this project, we didn’t just use passion and method; we created a nest for a growing family.

After three years spent looking for the ideal home, in the end they found a house with three rooms in the centre of town, the possibility of dividing sleeping and day quarters, a balcony overlooking a courtyard with a beautiful tree and the chance of a sitting room with an amazing nineteenth century brick vault, all within their budget.

The project

REQUEST: Respecting the budget and construction time were the most important aspects, but without foregoing the industrial style so keenly desired by the clients.

WHAT WE DID: a state-of-the-art restoration observing timing, budget and design. We also respected building restrictions, and the wishes dictated by the taste and needs of the clients.

Obviously the apartment needed restoration. The first step was to remove the ceiling in the day area to ascertain if it was possible to remove the plaster from the vault and leave the bricks in view. We were indeed able to go ahead with the restoration cum restructuring and the result was truly spectacular. Initially the apartment was divided into a double bedroom and two singles, of which one was a pass-through; by simply moving a door we created three independent bedrooms. We made improvements to the property such as replacing a shower in one of the bathrooms that had been previously renovated and then renovating a second bathroom in which, thanks to a new layout, we were even able to install a hydro-massage bathtub and a second shower. Floors and lighting are the strong points in this dwelling. They are distinctive design elements that follow the industrial style and bring personality to the home. All the cement tiles were hand made by a talented artisan from Torino like us. After trials for material, colour and finish we arrived at the desired result and can say that we made a magnificent entrance and an equally fine coloured ‘carpet’ for the kitchen. The project was delivered on time, within budget and the clients moved serenely into the house of their dreams.

What the Client Said About Us

After looking at lots of apartments to buy, we finally chose this historic house in the centre of Turin; and for the challenge of restoration we turned to Rops Architettura e Paesaggio, to bring beauty and personality to the spaces, without going over budget and keeping the usability of the house. I would say that the result was exceptional from every point of view.

Turn beauty into reality

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