Edra Palace Hotel

The Edra Palace Hotel in Cassino holds weddings and events of every sort. The location, already beautiful, nonetheless needed an added touch to the external swimming pool area, to improve on a space lacking identity.

This is where we came in: we rejigged the pool’s service area, creating the perfect backdrop for the cutting of the cake or the wedding photos. Once we had intervened, the external area became the ideal place to organise an unforgettable event around the swimming pool.

The project

REQUEST: already in possession of a fine garden, the client called us to enhance the swimming pool area, scenario for events and openair weddings.

WHAT WE DID: We completely reconfigured the space around the swimming pool, transforming an empty and anonymous corner into the ideal background for cutting the cake or taking dreamy photos.

A bare façade, passage and storage area were the starting points of our project to enhance and re-style Edra Palace Hotel’s swimming pool area. We chose vertical green panels coordinated with wooden laths to cover the façade, natural elements that form a dialogue with the surroundings and enrich the whole swimming pool area. We also enhanced a forgotten corner in the immediate vicinity, creating a scenic space, composed of both natural elements, such as the pool, the green wall and the natural stone wall, and constructed elements such as the little bridge, arches for climbing plants and the ironwork bicycle used as a table for the cake or to serve from at a cocktail party. Finally, we provided lighting so that the space could be used in the evening.

What the Client Said About Us

“We are extremely happy with your professionalism and your ideas, which are both original and elegant.”

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