Il Pioppeto Agriturismo: Landscape Garden Project

“Il Pioppeto” Agriturismo came into being as a result of the proprietors’ passion for the land and nature, and for things well done, as they once were. So, in line with the clients’ ideas we planned a garden where tradition is celebrated through valorising pre-existing trees and shrubs, by using local materials such as antique stone found in situ, and by blending geometric and natural shapes.

By means of pathways, flowerbeds, constructed and vegetable elements, irrigation systems and an ad hoc lighting plan, we created the ideal atmosphere both for moments of relaxation and for the various events put on by the agriturismo. We also transformed the old stable into a multi–purpose room for weddings and conferences, keeping its rustic character while at the same time making it suitably welcoming for that unforgettable day.

The project

REQUEST: Landscape design, garden re-styling. Relaxation, scenic design and functionality being the key words to guide the project.

WHAT WE DID: We began by working on the space around the house, which was in the process of being renovated. From the entrance of the agriturismo we moved on to plan about 10,000 sqm of garden, made up of various landscape compositions: green areas, swimming pool and pond.

The first step to carry out a project of this size and complexity was to make precise surveys of all parts of the terrain, to be able to respond fully to the initial idea on paper. The job was made up of various stages that contributed, over time, to create a harmonious and welcoming environment. In detail, we planned: a bed of grasses, a Mediterranean garden corner, the rose garden, and a dry garden. We made sure that each of these elements was in harmony with the others and perfectly integrated with the surrounding context. The idea of the pond, on the other hand, came from the need to upgrade a pre-exisiting waste-water pool, making it the centre of the barbecue area. The relaxation area was planned over two levels, following the topography of the terrain: on the first level is the barbecue, strategically close to the reception hall; while on the second level is a hammock in the shade of a magnolia stellata. The atmosphere is completed by the burble of a waterfall pouring out from among the stones into the natural water lily pond. The pool adopts the same language as the garden, framed by geometric circular shapes made from Trani stone and river pebbles. The practicality of the space is exploited to the full thanks to the natural slope of the land, which allows for a scenic spot between two green areas from which the waterfall overhangs the water; the metre high stone wall is the ideal backdrop to immortalise unforgettable moments.

What the Client Said About Us

We are delighted with the restyling project and retrieval of external and internal spaces. The architect managed to model it all perfectly: garden, relaxation area, veranda and event room, without affecting the landscape and existing nature, but enhancing the original structure and blending materials and shapes to suit our needs.

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