A Garden for Everyone

To create a garden that can be used by people with disabilities, without resorting to “special” personalised elements, an integrated space that is enjoyable for all, together. A challenge we met by using our creativity and technical know-how.

To look at, gardens often seem straightforward, and indeed the true complexity of this project was in the simplicity of things. Everything had to be accessible to every member of the family; taking into account that one member is in a wheelchair.


REQUEST: Make liveable for the whole family a large, empty and anonymous space, while removing all architectonic barriers according to the client’s stipulations. To transform the space into a garden, for use with family and friends, not forgetting spaces for the dog and vegetable garden.

WHAT WE DID: By making perfectly smooth paths in cement on a level with the lawn we could give the wheelchair access to the space so that someone with a disability could move freely around the garden. We built a raised vegetable garden for ease, and dedicated an area to the dog, as well as landscape composition integrated with the pre-existing house.

he project started from a corner of the house and spread out over the whole garden like the rays of the sun. Based on this plan, we made paths and flowerbeds, and distributed the garden’s features, creating a central shady area with a pergola dedicated to relaxation and gatherings with friends.

The vegetable garden was designed in a soft, undulating shape, which besides having a pleasant appearance and being functional, was raised to an ergonomic level for ease of gardening.

Furthermore we designed a LED lighting system for the whole garden, so that walks could be taken at night too. The vegetable garden is lit up around the edge and luminous spheres are set about the garden to enhance the evening environment, as well as small low level spotlights directed upwards to light up particular plants in the garden.
Around the edge we planted a cypress hedge to provide privacy for the family, isolate the garden from the railway situated behind, but at the same time leave a clear view towards the Abbey of Montecassino.

What the Client Said About Us

“One fine day we met Michele by chance and a project came into being that managed to unite the needs of a disable daughter with a great need to move freely and an aesthetic that we parents could be happy with too. The research of usable elements in line with the organisation of spaces turned out to be as fantastic an experience as the final result; together we agreed on so many ideas that we were embarrassed by choice. Without Michele’s expertise we would never have been able to reach such an ideal result, to the extent of feeling you are in different places while remaining in the same garden. Our heartfelt thanks to Michele.”

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